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Our founder Quinn has been immersed in the cannabis culture for as long as we can remember. Because of this, a superior quality product fueled with a positive culture was an inevitable component of his future. 

Quinn is one of the most hard working, selfless individuals we know. Everyday, after the long day of work, he would take his dog Charlie on a walk and reflect on the positive aspects of life. While enjoying a premium flower cone on their walk, Quinn and Charlie exhibited the beautiful bond that we hope all would have with their beloved best friend. It was during one of these beautiful Arizona sunset walks that the passion behind bringing together cannabis enthusiasts and pet lovers alike originated. 


With his extensive knowledge in the cannabis culture, Quinn sought out to find the most premium strains with a premium process to create Charlies Premium Flower Cones. No shake or trim, all nug run through a unique grinding process using heated blades to create the perfect smoking experience, Charlies was already set on a successful path to being the top dog of the cannabis food chain.


Combined with the pet lovers' culture, and the desire to give back to the community, Charlies Premium Flower cones were created. The passion and quality of every Charlie is apparent with every pull. In such a short time, Charlies has already exuded a pedigree of excellence supported by a culture of great people. Enjoy all that Charlies has to offer, and remember, smoke Charlies, not pre rolls.

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